Single Screw Extruder

Single Screw Extruder

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The Next Generation Extruders. Screw and Barrel are Designed and developed such a way that it can match specific raw material and end product requirement. RCV engineering Offers barrier screws a resulting higher output low,melt temperature and Good quality of melt.

RCV Engineering is one of leading Single Screw Extruder Manufacturer in Ahmedabad. With advanced technology and in depth experience in this field, we offer our clients the best quality machines at a highly competitive pricing.

Single Screw Extruders are one of the core equipments used in polymer processing in various industries. It is essentially used to exert immense pressure on the molten polymer to push it through the dye to achieve the desired shape and size. Thus the extruders have to be immensely accurate and design specific. The advanced design of Single Screw Extruders can take up the tasks of melting the material and extrusion at the same time.

Our single screw machines are highly efficient to perform at high speed without consuming much power. If you are looking for an extruder to perform a single task at a much lesser cost, this product is your best choice. Our engineers can customise the design and size according to your industry requirements. Also, we offer the best customer support to our clients even after the machines are installed and tested which makes us the best known Single Screw Extruder manufacturers.